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July 6, 2010 Regular Village Board Meeting Minutes

Budget & Finance Committee
July 6, 2010
Village Hall
6:45 p.m.

Called to order at 6:45 p.m. by Committee member Weiss. Roll Call: Weiss, Tietz, Tranchita - present.

Committee members reviewed the Bill List and motion by Tranchita to approve the list as presented with additional payments to WE Energies, park rental refund, Alsco, Citgo gas charge, Postage for water bills, and holding the Woodland Repair invoice to make sure it’s not a duplicate payment, second by Tietz. Weiss, Tietz, Tranchita – aye. Motion carried.

The approved list consisted of $435,119.88 General Fund, $2,575.24 from the Water Fund, $7,871.74 from the Sewer Utility, $361.21 from the Storm Water utility, $1,916.54 from the Library Fund, and $799.84 from Park & Rec. Dept. Totaling $448,644.45.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 6:58 p.m. on a Weiss/Tietz motion. All ayes – motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Laurie Mueller


Regular Village Board Meeting
July 6, 2010
Village Hall
7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by President Gorsegner at 7:00.m. Roll Call: Gorsegner, Agen, Beaver, Weiss, Tranchita, Agen, Tietz – present. Bontempo arrived at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes – June 21, 2010 Regular Village Board meeting, and Budget and Finance Committee meeting, June 7th Adjourned Board of Review meeting, June 17th Board of Review meeting, June 24th & June 28th Special Village Board meeting, and June 30th, 2010 Personnel Committee on a Weiss/Agen motion with noted corrections to the June 21st Board meeting Public Works section, and the June 17th Board of Review meeting minutes. All ayes-carried.

Communications – President Gorsegner read aloud the description of the lost dog that is at the Village’s pound if anyone is interested in adoption. Trustee Weiss thanked the Board and Village employee’s for the plant for her father’s funeral. President Gorsegner also mentioned that he has sent an e-mail letter to the DOT requesting a possible reduction of the speed limit along Hwy 59 near Lower Spring Lake.

Bills – motion by Tranchita to approve the list as presented with additional payments to WE Energies, park rental refund, Alsco, Citgo gas charge, Postage for water bills, and releasing the Woodland Repair invoice after the Chief said this is not a duplicate invoice, second by Agen. Roll Call: Gorsegner, Agen, Beaver, Tranchita,Tietz, Bontempo, Weiss, – aye. Motion carried.

The approved list consisted of $435,119.88 General Fund, $2,575.24 from the Water Fund, $7,871.74 from the Sewer Utility, $361.21 from the Storm Water utility, $1,916.54 from the Library Fund, and $799.84 from Park & Rec. Dept. Totaling $448,644.45.

The Bill List is available for review at the Clerk’s office.

Treasurer’s Report: The May Treasurer’s report is not complete at this time.

Building Permits: Motion by Agen, second by Beaver to approve a fence permit for Mike Squire at Squidy’s bar at 102 N. Second St. to enclose his beer garden. All ayes-carried.

Police Dept. Report: Chief Warren reported that there had been another drug bust. Fireworks around town have gone well, not too many complaints. The Dodge Intrepid engine has blown and the Chief has 2 quotes for new squad cars that he passed out to the board. They will call a special meeting to review the quotes. Chief Warren said he has heard that some people have concerns over whether or not his department is ready to handle a tragedy like the Community of Eagle has gone through. After talking with the Village of Eagle’s Police Chief, Warren is confident that we would be ready and on top of things.

Public Works Report: Josh is out of town on vacation, no report.

Committee Report: Trustee Agen mentioned that there will be another Purchasing & Planning Committee meeting on July 21st at 6:30 p.m. to continue work on our ordinances.

Public Forum: Sandy Kapela from Touched by a Paw was present and she let the Board know that there has been donations from the recent Blue Spring Lake 4th of July Parade in the amount of $120.00 to go towards a scanner to scan pets to see if they are micro chipped when a pet is lost. The cost of the scanner is $300.00. Her hope is to be able to get the Village a scanner and then have a vet tech on hand during the pet licensing period to microchip people’s pets. Also, Kapela mentioned that their group has taken 3 cats from the Village’s pound which needed a lot of veterinary care and Touched by a Paw is wondering if they can be reimbursed for these expenses. This will have to be discussed at Board meeting.

Resident Dale Gruss at 1024 Carriage Ct. spoke about an incident on July 1st that his child was apparently involved in. Gruss said that another resident near Carriage Ct. approached a group of children and asked them if they wanted to go get fireworks with him? This was reported to the Police Dept. immediately and parents have been trying to make contact with the Police Dept. since then to find out any information or where the Department is at with this incident and Gruss said they either don’t get a return call or the Officers say they know nothing about this incident. Gruss is very upset that the Officer’s would not know about it considering the fact that it borders on child enticement?? He also does not like the fact that no one from the Police Dept. will return their phone calls. Gruss went on to say that the squad car is seen frequenting a particular residence near them for long periods of time doing nothing but visiting and he feels this is a waste of tax payer money it should be stopped.

Resident Nicole Raduechel at 1037 Carriage Ct. also voiced her concern over this incident. She said that the parents feel it’s not safe for their children to go outside and play with each other unless they stay right in their own yards. Raduechel said that this individual has a history of bad behavior. She wants to know why contact has not been made with this individual yet? Raduechel also said she doesn’t like seeing the squad car spending so much time at the residence “visiting” either and it should be stopped.

Tony Bartolotta at 1046 Carriage Ct. wants to know what’s going on? This is ridiculous that no one from the Police Dept. can contact these concerned parents and that some of the officers aren’t even aware of what’s going on. He said he was told there was a report filed and it was in the system so why wouldn’t all of the officers be aware of the incident? Bartolotta said that one of his neighbors got a call before any of the concerned parents did.

Chief Warren addressed the citizens saying that no one had tried to contact him directly or he would have spoken to them. Mr. Gruss said his wife tried but didn’t get a call back. Warren said that Officer Warner told the parent calling in that he wasn’t aware of the incident but would find out and let them know “tomorrow”. Chief Warren said he wasn’t aware of the all of this time being spent at one resident’s home and he will address it with his officers. Warren went on to say that the individual of concern had not been around but that the Police did make contact with him yesterday (July 5th). This person did not commit a crime, he can’t be arrested, and there are certain details of this matter that can’t be discussed at a public meeting. Warren said that he would be happy to talk with these concerned parents in his office later. Warren said this should not have been brought up a public meeting.

Dale Gruss responded and said that it definitely did need to be brought up at a public meeting because all of their complaints and calls were falling on deaf ears at the Police Dept. and they were sick of it. Gruss said 4 days with no contact from the Police is too long.

Resident Doug Landess at 1053 Carriage Ct. asked why Officers couldn’t sit in that area of concern while their children are walking to school? It would be a 20-minute time period. He said that this needed to be brought to the Board’s attention so they are aware of the issues. He said that this “visiting” at someone’s house for ½ hour or 45 minutes has to stop, it’s a waste of tax dollars.

Village Board members Al Tietz and Tim Gorsegner said they know about the issue of the squad spending a lot of time at someone’s house too. Trustee Agen thanked these residents for bringing this to the Board’s attention at a meeting.

Resident Greg Banks at 221 N. Fifth Street said that he has requested that a dead tree be cut down that is in the road right of way on his property before it falls on his house. They have asked about it over a year ago and public works hasn’t addressed it yet. Trustee Al Tietz said that he has looked at this tree with DPW Superintendent Josh Gajewski along with several other trees within the Village. Right now Josh is gone on vacation but when he gets back they will see what can be done. Tietz said there’s only so much money in the budget for trees but we’ll see what we can do. Banks said if he does it himself he will deduct the cost off of his tax bill he pays to the Village.

Resident Dave Turner at 408 E. Main St. asked what happened with the Senior Apts. possibly being converted to low income housing and can the Village address this in our ordinances? Trustee Weiss told him that they have heard from the owner of the Apts. and she is no longer pursuing this as an option. Weiss said that an ordinance change might be addressed in the future on a recommendation from MSA Engineering.

Old Business:

1. Motion by Agen, second by Greg to grant a home business license to Marc Ottenad to operate a small engine repair business at his home at 610 Powers Street provided there is not a lot of noise, excessive traffic, and outside storage of lawnmowers, snow blowers, etc. All ayes-carried. If there are any complaints about his business the Board will be contacting him and addressing the issues. Ottenad said his business would be extremely small scale, only during daylight hours, no junk sitting outside, no eye sores, and not a lot of noise.

New Business:

1. Motion by Agen, second by Weiss to grant a home business license to Terry Burrington to operate an insurance & estate protection service business from his home at 422 N. Second St. Palmyra. All ayes-carried.

2. James Mann from Ehlers & Associates, Village’s financial advisors gave a report on the status of the TID #3. Mann says the TID #3 is doing extremely well and could be closed out in 2011 or 2012. The payment could be made at any time to Standard Process per the Developer’s Agreement as they have first position. Mann went on to say that we may get more TIF increment at the Aug. 15th tax settlement due to an error the Dept. of Revenue made last year. The District can’t be more than 12% of the Village’s equalized value or there can no longer be any projects included in the TID. We still have a lot borrowing power for projects that had been included in the TID and have not been done yet.

Mann said it would be possible to do a downtown rehab (TID #4) and TID #3 could provide some of the funding for those projects. Mann also mentioned that the Village is close to closing out TID #2. If the Board would like to discuss their options further he would be happy to do so at another meeting. No action taken.

3. Motion by Agen, second by Bontempo to approve the Personnel Committee’s recommendations concerning the changes to the Employee handbook explaining how vacation time is treated in regards to when it has to be taken and whether or not it will be paid out. All ayes-carried.

4. Motion by Agen, second by Beaver to approve the following operator’s licenses for Shelly Parker, Janet Lemke, James Hoag. All ayes-carried.

5. Motion Agen, second by Tranchita to allow Mike Squire owner of Squidy’s Bar to NOT have an operator in the new beer garden at all times. All ayes-carried. The Plan Commission previously approved this. Trustee Agen explained that Squire is aware that if there are any issues in the beer garden it will be shut down. Agen also said she feels it would not be cost effective to expect Squire to pay a bartender to be in the beer garden, they will not be selling anything out there, rather it’s just somewhere for his customers to go and sit and smoke and drink.

6. Appointment of court attorney was tabled waiting for the proposal from Mr. Harold Shortenhaus. The Clerk wasn’t sure if it would be here in time for the meeting or not.

Any Other Business: Village President Gorsegner mentioned that the application for a temporary alcohol license has been turned in for the Lions Club chicken barbecue but it wasn’t on time to make it on this meeting’s agenda. The Board can’t officially vote on it but possibly if there is a special meeting for the squad car quotes it could go on that agenda.

There being no further business, motion by Gorsegner, second by Agen to adjourn the meeting. All ayes, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Laurie Mueller, Clerk/Treasurer

Minutes approved with corrections, July 19, 2010.


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